That Time I Got a "Sex Talk"...


You don’t get a “sex talk” when you are raised in a strict Roman Catholic Italian family from New York. Instead, you just get Catholic school with priests and nuns telling you to steer clear of pissing off God, and maybe there’s a decent chance you will dodge spending an eternity in hell. My guess was that I would make it to purgatory at best. 

When I was 10 years old, I went to my first concert. I had won tickets off of a radio station and it just so happened to be Madonna’s “Blond Ambition” Tour. Seriously. 


My mother took me to this concert, both of us knowing it would be a bit risque. What I didn’t realize is that I was about to get my first lesson in masturbation by the blonde legend herself. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, do a search for a live version of “Like a Virgin”, 1990, and just watch

Needless to say, it was definitely awkward and my mom made me cover my eyes. And I did, sort of… but, like, why no discussion of that after? 

I’m not going to blame or villainize my mom because I know the answer is that she was raised not to talk about sex, just like her mother was, and like her mother was, and so on. But who was going to teach me about my body? Teach me about what was natural sexual desire?  

Here’s what I would tell her now. 

I want you to think of God as the best parents in the world. Both the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine combined. It is love. It loves you, madly. You don’t even have to call it God at all. You can call it whatever you want.

This Creative Source Energy gave you the ability to experience pleasure because it wants you to experience pleasure. Develop your own relationship with this Source. Decide for yourself what feels right, or wrong, and then change that language to harmonious or disharmonious. This Source is here to love and serve you. This Source is in you and IS you.