What I Would Tell Her Now


I found an old box of photos and maaaaan, what a firecracker I was.

Bouncing back and forth across the world chasing guys, dreams and time.

There is beauty in getting older. At times it can feel bittersweet. If I could go back, there is so much advice I’d love to give that girl.

I’d promise her that eventually, perspectives will shift and you will care way less about what people think. You’ll make choices that are right for you over what you think you “should do”. And believe it or not, you’ll learn from the mistakes you’ve made a million times over and choose to respond differently. You'll begin to grasp how limited your time here is and the desire to give rather than get will grow exponentially.

Friends, I offer you a new series called “What I Would Tell Her Now.” Hopefully, I can save a few of you from making some of the same mistakes I did.