What's Your Super Hero's Name?

“What’s your Super Hero’s name?”

Most of us have some idea of what the best version of ourselves looks like. We all have role models and people we respect and look up to. Chances are if we can perceive those qualities in another, we possess them as well. We’ve just got a bunch old beliefs, fears, and ideas about ourselves and life that cover up all that awesomeness.

The following is a powerful exercise I use in my Mindfulness sessions for participants to get clear on the unlimited potential they have within them.

Choose 1-3 people you admire and list the specific qualities that make them so honorable and badass. Create a Superhero name that embodies all of these characteristics. When in doubt or distress, climb into your imaginary Superhero suit and ask, what would ____ do in a shitty sitch like this?

Then, and Act As If.

When we act As If, we train the neurons in our brains to create new pathways that are aligned with that of who we wish to be. We send a new signal that tells our brain, "this is who we are now".  When we do that enough times, we solidify that message it just becomes the way it is.

We choose to be the architect of our own minds designing ourselves by choice.  Should we choose not to master our own minds, the outside world will gladly master it for us. Our responses to life are a series of knee jerk reactions unconsciously modeling itself after the messages we receive from social media, televisions, movies, etc.

I personally would much rather meet your fierce, courageous, unstoppable Super Hero self and witness the superpowers that live within YOU.

So tell me, what’s your Super Hero’s name?