Chronicles of a Songstress #3: "Fly" (2013)

Songstress Chronicles photo for blog 5.23.2018.jpg

When I hit my 30s I was finally feeling a sense of self that, as far as I can tell, can only come with the passage of time. My obsession with falling in love took the backburner and a fascination with spirituality, religion and sexuality led my hand in writing new songs.  

I was a Catholic school vet and newly certified Yoga instructor by the time my 2013 album, FORGET, came into fruition. I began to connect the dots between how shitty my religious upbringing had me feeling about my body, sex, and the guilt I carried through my teens and 20s. I wrote letters that became songs to the Church and number of boys that I had carelessly and/or drunkenly handed myself over to. While still somewhat haphazard, this was the start of healing and honoring myself as a woman and whole person.

My song “Fly” is sort of my version of going to confession, except rather than asking the forgiveness of a priest, I was asking this of myself— explaining to my version of God/Goddess that I did the best I knew how with the hand I was dealt and that I’m ready to be released and forgiven.