Chronicles of a Songstress #2: "Drive On" (2009)

joanna with guitar 1st day in austin.jpg

Have you ever misunderstood love? What'd that look like for you?

I used to looooove to be in love. Man, those beginning phases would make me feel like I was walking on g’damn sunshine and shitting rainbows.

When dad died I didn’t really see a point in grieving. It was something I had no control over and nothing I could do would bring him back.

Falling in “love” became the great escape. The high was like no other. So high, in fact, that I would inevitably end up falling face down in my party dress.

I wish I had known how to love and console myself at that point. I just didn’t.

I would get into one gnarly, toxic relationship after the other and eventually unleash all of my anger and grief through insane amounts drama. When I moved to Austin to start a new life, I had my first of many love affairs that would undoubtedly crash and burn.  

My 2009 song “Drive On” is a testament to this time…