Living Life on Purpose

(I wrote this songs shortly after my dad passed and demoed it on my computer. Maybe it'll make it on a record some day....)

My dad was very much a dreamer like me. Most of you know he is no longer physically here with us. It's his birthday today. Dad had big ideas and a big heart, plus a ridiculously silly sense of humor. I watched him struggle within the confines of a 9 to 5 job for much of my life.  He did what he felt he had to do in order to raise 3 daughters, give us the roof over our head and put us through college. This used to bum me out, but it more feels like a gift now. Like, it's my duty to live out my passions and do all the things I've ever said I wanted to do, ya know? 
Anyway, today is one of those nights I wish I could just call him up and catch up some. I'd say something like:

Happy Birthday, pops. I'm doing pretty good here in Nashville... still writing songs and teaching yoga, which are basically the only things that keep me sane and grounded in this mad world. 
Oh! and I'm seriously considering joining a softball team. Which is ridiculous and I'll probably break my ass, but I think about how you and I used play together and i kinda just wanna go back there .  
I've got a new addition to my little fam... Her name is Freya and she's nuts. And of course, you know Lester, who is arguably the coolest cat in the world. 
I miss you big time. About half of your records have made it from NY back to Nashville and I am astonished at how similar our taste in music is. How did we never talk about this??
Just want you to know that whenever I think about you, I am reminded that we are basically little teeny tiny humans flying through space. That life is pretty fucking wild and fleeting. That I've got this one shot on this planet as me...and it is my promise to you that I am, in fact, living my life on purpose. Doing what I love. The way you raised me to. 

Love you...


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