Believe it and You'll See it

Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs.
How we feel about money, relationships, career, friends, sex… all of it.
Deep seated beliefs that go back eons to our ancestors.
Many are totally outdated. Some preposterous... but guess what?
They are steering the ship, and they’ve got us by the short hairs.

What can we do?
Become aware of our thoughts and beliefs.  
How? Through mindfulness and awareness
It’s unique for everyone, really.

For me, I read lots of books. Journal. Meditate. Practice Yoga.
The most powerful tool I use... affirmations.

Pick something you would like to create more of in your life. Or, something you want to let go of. Or, some way you want to be. Then affirm it.
Write it down in present tense.
Read and say it out loud over and f’ing over again until it tricks the stubborn mind into believing it. The more specific you are the better.
One way to get clear, is by knowing what you don’t want.

Example; I don’t want to be single and alone anymore.
Affirmation: I am a lovable and amazing person, worthy of a healthy, fun, loving and balanced relationship. I open myself to meeting this person knowing that it will happen in the perfect time and space. Thank you in advance, dear Universe, you incredible motherload of unlimited possibilities.

Say it over and over. Write it and put it on your bathroom mirror or car dashboard. Keep affirming it until you feel a childlike excitement about it.
If you continuously affirm your wish, you will get excited about it. Then, be awake and aware enough to catch the people and opportunities that begin to make their way to you.

This way of reprogramming the brain is pretty amazing.
I wouldn’t be sharing this if I couldn’t prove it true in my own life.
With consistency, I can get myself into a place of really believing what I am affirming, the shit works.

There’s tons of reading material on the topic. Look it up. Ask google.
Buy a book on the Law of Attraction. Check out Abraham Hicks on YouTube. 

Sending you all the love from Mars and back,