Chronicles of a Songstress


When did you consciously decide to follow your passion?

I didn’t play my first show until I was 27 years old. I also didn’t release my first album until I was 29.  I’ve been been taking some time to reflect on my past, revisiting old songs and using them as a guide to chronicle where I’ve been. When did I really decide that I would commit myself to a life of music? Or have I really even? Sometimes it feels ridiculous that I’m still chasing this dream at my age. Sometimes it feels like I’ve lived a thousand lifetimes, and can’t believe there are more to come. So, I’ve decided to document this journey.  We are all tapestries comprised of stories, heartbreaks, ups and downs, mistakes and victories. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be selecting older songs and sharing where those stories and voices came from. You know the quote—  “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  So I’m goin' back. Gonna take a good look at what was, leave some seriously outdated shit behind and tap into the heart of what I’m really capable of.

Stay tuned... I look forward to sharing this journey with you.