Meditation & Commitment

Meditation and Commitment

My goal in life is to master my mindset. Why? Because I really believe the thoughts we think and the words we speak create our reality. I have no interest in being a victim of my circumstances any longer. I want to grow and create a kick ass life. Even writing that feels empowering.  Remaining a victim and blaming other people for why my life sucks... not so much. When we think the same thoughts over and over again, and we all do,  it literally creates patterns in our brain that have us respond to life with knee jerk reactions. Many of which, do not serve us.

A lot of the beliefs and habitual thoughts we carry around with us are those bestowed on us by well-meaning parents. While your parents might be conservative, right wing Republicans and you "couldn't be more different" with your medical weed card as proof, you have in fact adopted some deep rooted beliefs from them.  Those beliefs are probably steering the ship more than you know. 

So, what can we do? Master the mindset and become aware of our thoughts.
A great tool, meditation.  Meditation and a commitment to rewire your brain. This means becoming the master of your mind and as a result, your life.  Studies show that we literally have ability to change and restructure the brain’s neural networks. This is how we can take back our power and create a badass, fulfilling life. 

I personally practice Kundalini Yoga which has thousands of meditations geared towards a specific desired effect. I select a mediation and commit to the number of days that I will practice that meditation. In many traditions, it is believed that 40 days is the amount of time it takes to change a habit. When you commit to a certain amount of days, even if it's just 3, and you follow through it lets your brain know that you're not screwing around. You are training the brain to serve rather than work against you. 

Once you begin to build your mental muscle and become more aware of your thoughts through meditation, you can begin to bust yourself on habitual thoughts, words, and actions that don't make you or anyone else feel good. Then you consciously replace those thoughts for way more awesome, empowering ones. 

I've seen this work in my own life. I believe this to be a revolutionary path. Fear is nothing but a fearful thought and love is a choice if you're brave enough to choose it. 

Example Meditations:
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